Top Trends 2023: Cross Marketing

(By Juan Maqueda and Marcelo Maurizio) Crossing Marketing is the evolution of Marketing, Important: Cross marketing has evolved from being an excellent crossover of media and products, to being the key to crossing all brand activity

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It is much more than even crossing sales channels.

We are talking that the secret today is to have a mega department that plans, coordinates and interconnects everything.

It is clear that nothing can segment and perform more than an excellent disruptive digital campaign, using the most advanced Mkt planning tools, but clearly the world today has reached an almost taboo conclusion, or politically uncorrect: it is no longer enough. 

It is true that everyone has been talking about multichannel for a long time, it is true that all advertising and marketing experts explain 360-degree Marketing, but the truth is that until now, the Online King almost decides everything, or rather, everything ends up having an “Online” tone and everything revolves around it.

The TV spots simulate the emoticons of apps, the editing of many commercials are almost a replica of Instagram or Tik Tok effects, the newscast scenes simulate the open screens of a Smartphone, the radios interact all day with the apps, networks and Outdoor media (Billboard/ OOH -Out of Home-) lead us to a QR of Online or to networks from their graphs.

Saying something against the Online King is unthinkable, almost as much as trying to dethrone the Lion King in the jungle.

The quetion is, is it enough?

The telephone is selling more and more, social networks have more and more advertisers, but both the consumer and the advertiser seem to feel that they give everything to Online and are left with a feeling of "not having the shopping experience" (in most cases).

This is something very logical, we are emotional and physical beings, therefore, everything that does not have more physical and more real emotional experiences will always leave a void.

In response to this hidden or denied truth, which seems to even diminish in conferences and classrooms and is hardly even conscious for the new generations, of course in the King of networks: META, knows it, and strategically advanced in the world of the Metaverse, in a clear response to that "empty" secretly kept.

The Metaverse is an almost physical "reality", where the senses are hacked almost like a real experience, with the great advantage of being able to "live" unimaginable multi-realities. It is clearly a great advance for the "senses" and both consumers and advertisers will be able to live a "sensation" of a real experience, clearly more "creative".

Now, there continues to be an increasingly crazy paradox, the more "digital" we become, the more we realize that we must be more trained in the breadth and diversity of talents and physical, human, and emotional capacities and, in turn, companies must expand their range of physical experiences and cross all of them with the Online world, generating a “cross” world.

It is not "cool" to go out and say that networks are taking up more and more time, but that they have a dark side, where they do not cover aspects of "integration" with what is called the physicality of Marketing Strategies.

Crossing Marketing is the evolution of Marketing, which integrates Digital Marketing to the real experience, to the gondola, to the point of sale, to the sales forces, to the customer service culture, to Merchandising, to Offline media, to events, corporate communication, uniforms, people, geography, delivery.

Cross marketing has evolved from being an excellent crossover of media and products, to being the key to crossing all brand activity

To achieve great CROSS Marketing, a lot of off/on technical knowledge is needed, but also a lot of "soft" skills.

It is much more than even crossing sales channels.

We are talking that the secret today is to have a mega department that plans, coordinates and interconnects everything.

Knowing how to listen, knowing how to co-create, knowing how to cooperate, knowing how to talk, today are key skills that task coordination apps fail to integrate into the work of a brand.

To be able to do this, you must train, for example, in Ontological Coaching or Business Coaching, develop leadership skills, develop empathy, stress management tools, resilience, expand distinction skills, have emotional self-leadership, be able to reverse and reverse, generate skills to perform critical analysis, that is, generate professionals with extensive development in human skills.

This hard-to-post "reality" today implies winking back at many habits and types of human resources, which in the last decade seemed like they were going to disappear.

There was almost a whim or an exaggeration of the "absence of face-to-face", where paradoxically post-pandemic it was verified that it is perfectly possible to work remotely and without face-to-face, but at the same time face-to-face work began to be valued more than ever, so much so that Even two giants like META and Google came out to "demand" the return most of the time to offices and interdisciplinary teamwork.

This real event has the same transversal logic in every sense. The reality is that Online reaches everywhere and could almost replace everything, even marketing talents could only focus on the super powerful digital marketing tools, however, cross competitions are increasingly valued so that Online is much more useful and integrated, so that it has physical Recency.

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