Top 5 successful franchise marketing strategies

(By Juan Maqueda / from Miami) Most franchisors believe that buying a franchise implies doing nothing else, or doing what one believes. The secret 0 (Zero) to be successful in a franchise is... To be better, more orderly, more neat, than even the master franchise.

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A successful franchisor invests more than what the brand says or does and uses the brand experience and power with more neat and orderly actions. The success of a successful franchisor is to brand, culture, manage, promote, even better than the brand. Marketing and advertising can make a big difference in your success as a franchise owner.

Taking the right steps can mark the goals you have set for yourself. Consequently, it can make you earn more money and your personal and business finances are solvent. Proper planning is necessary.

In this sense, there are 5 marketing strategies that can help you attract the attention of new customers and increase the income of your company.

It's no secret that marketing and advertising can help you achieve the goals you've set for yourself along the way, as reported by Business Insider in a recent article.

For example, incorporating strong communication strategies can attract the attention of new potential customers and increase revenue exponentially.
Follow these steps with a lot of discipline, investment and above all with a lot of brand coherence. Never believe that you buy a franchise to do what you think, that is the first damage to the brand and your business, if there is something wrong with the brand, you must proceed within the system so that the entire network sees and accepts your proposal.
1. Make the consumer feel involved
The client is your boss, ask him, but have a lot of communication and data, to analyze it with the Marketing people. But it is very important to involve the customer, it will help you to better understand the habits of your regular users and to improve the relationship with them.

How to do it? Make use of social media in a way that is interactive for them. An example would be posting polls for feedback. Having passive content doesn't work.

Instead, look to be consistent with custom blog posts, graphics, and video content while thinking about consumer behavior and how you can show the customer how your product or service can meet their needs.

But in person you can also seek to make them feel involved.

If you have a food franchise and are looking to find a new flavor or product, solicit feedback from your consumers. Your brand identity will improve by including them in the process and, in parallel, it will allow you to collect information from your customers. You all win.

2. The communication strategy has to be aligned. 
Never make brand noise. Strictly follow the parameters of the brand. If you think there is something wrong with the brand's guidelines, present your vision to the company, with concrete and developed proposals.

When considering an advertising campaign for a franchise, it is important to use integrated marketing communication that creates a consistent brand image for the company. In addition, it has to go hand in hand with the communication strategy that you are doing.

Coherence is very important for the image of your company: from the colors, to the images or the messages and themes used within the marketing strategy as a whole, it allows you to centralize your goals 
Having an alignment of all marketing strategies allows a brand to build trust, become more recognizable, reach a larger audience and even save money and contribute to long-lasting successful campaigns.

This creates a brand image that is identifiable no matter what angle you are advertising or what channel you are using.

3. Earn your community.

 We are wrongly taught that we must achieve success at the best possible cost. That's a lie. What you have to do is do everything you need at the best possible cost. Generosity with the community is important
Community can be one of your biggest strengths when running a franchise, so for your franchise to thrive, you need to routinely get involved to improve your relationship with customers.

Here you can give some incentives to your consumers: offer to go to events, sponsor scholarships, donations and fundraising. This marketing strategy builds valuable relationships over time. Allocate investment to cover events in your neighborhood, your typical clients, your community. Be very generous. The idea of ​​a marketing that does not invest, that does not give, that is not generous is over.
4. Promote public relations
Having a relationship with people, with your audience, is not doing "something" for a lot. Having a relationship is getting involved, always being. The phrase "we do not do charity, we are not a monastery" is getting old in this society. Today if you want them to buy from you, you must make them buy from you because you are related to them. Your public is not stupid, it will not be faithful to you, if you are not faithful to them.

The implementation of public relations as part of a marketing plan is something that companies often do not fully understand.

Public relations can give you the opportunity to share your message, highlight a special promotion, and strengthen your franchise's competitive advantage.
5. What is your Buyer person? Find your niche, your public, your client.
Not everyone is your customer. Choose a strategy and marketing, a brand or a product for each type of customer.
When successfully marketing a franchise, you must communicate with your audience using their language, their form, their customs.
Marketing mediums and channels vary for each segment: when advertising to a younger audience, they will be on TikTok, while an older audience will receive more print or TV ads.

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