Miami: The issues that most concern its citizens worldwide

(By Juan Maqueda and Dino Dal Molin from Miami) In the midst of global tension and palpable uncertainty, the economic crisis that has been plaguing nations since the onset of the pandemic has generated growing concern worldwide. This phenomenon, exacerbated by armed conflicts, the energy crisis, the bankruptcy of renowned banks, and a significant increase in the cost of living, has led to the most worrisome issues for citizens globally taking on a distinctly economic profile, but also challenging all powers, institutions, and political ideologies to undergo self-review.

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The survey conducted by Ipsos reveals the growing global concern about inflation and poverty, as well as other economic and social challenges. It is essential for political leaders and economic experts to work together to implement effective strategies and promote inclusive growth. Only in this way can we overcome the current crisis and build a strong and sustainable economic future for all. This recent analysis shows a growing trend month by month. This indicates that global organizational systems, political parties, and macroeconomic powers must undergo self-review.