Ford vs. Ferrari: a Master in Marketing, Ethics, Branding, and Management turned into a must-see movie

(By Juan Maqueda and Marcelo Maurizio from Miami) The Ford vs. Ferrari movie is a masterpiece that offers many lessons for business leaders and marketing experts, but also for anyone who works in a team. The story revolves around the rivalry between Ford Motor Company and Ferrari during the 1960s in the world of endurance car racing. There are several key characters in the movie that offer valuable lessons about leadership, management, and marketing. But it is also a tribute to ethics, teamwork, and values. We suggest you sit down to watch this management, branding, marketing, and friendship masterpiece alone, with your bosses, with your colleagues.

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In the midst of this F1 boom in Miami, we watched and analyzed this genius work as a team, and it is very important that you see it over and over again, just like others such as The Founder (McDonald's History) and Duel of Brothers (Puma vs Adidas).

The big question is... you, your friends, your bosses, your partners, your executives, your enemies? Which characters are you from this movie?

We have advanced so much in AI, but so little in emotional intelligence and ethics. Today we are more aware that many who are not the best people prevail in history, and that is something we clearly need to revisit. A multitask shock of learning made into a film that you cannot miss.

Firstly, the movie highlights the importance of innovation and disruptive thinking. The character of Carroll Shelby, played by Matt Damon, is a perfect example of someone who thinks outside the box. Shelby realizes that to beat Ferrari, Ford needs a completely new car, not just an improved version of the previous model. Shelby partners with British driver Ken Miles, played by Christian Bale, to design and build the car that ultimately beats Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The lesson here is that business leaders must be willing to think big and take risks to achieve success. Great advances cannot be achieved simply by improving what already exists. New ideas and approaches are needed to stand out in a saturated and competitive market.

Secondly, the movie highlights the importance of having a strong and collaborative team. Shelby and Miles work together to design and build the car that ultimately beats Ferrari. They both respect and trust each other, and work together to overcome the obstacles that arise along the way.

Another great lesson for business leaders is that they must value their team and foster a collaborative environment. By working together, team members can achieve more than they could individually. Leaders must motivate and empower their employees to work together towards a common goal.

The movie highlights the importance of listening to customers. In the movie, Ford realizes that its brand is perceived as outdated and boring by younger consumers. To change this perception, they decide to create a sports car that appeals to this market segment. But for this, a very strong role is needed, which is being lost in corporations, and that is the strong, broad, down-to-earth, challenging, and brand-loving Marketing Manager, embodied in the movie by the iconic Lee Iacocca, a marketing legend that is rarely taught today in app videos and universities.