What do the acronyms COO, CCO, CMO, CIO, CFO, CTO, and now C-CO mean?

(By Maria José Maqueda, COO - One Full Agency-, and Marcelo Maurizio) Unraveling the executive "rolls": every day in companies, in specialized magazine articles, on LinkedIn, we see these acronyms, but exactly what do they mean? In most cases, we don't know precisely. From Infonegocios Miami, in collaboration with the AACC and Bizit Global, we have prepared a super useful article to always keep close at hand and share with colleagues and teams.

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In high-level corporate environments, it is common to use English acronyms to refer to key executives within an organization. While the term CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is widely known, there are other acronyms that are less familiar outside of their specific domains.