The solution for talented Latinos in search of a Green Card in the United States (how to obtain a visa without having a job offer)

There is a great solution for those who do not have a job offer. We tell you how to obtain a visa in the United States for those who have a university education and work recognition, ideal for scientific, technical and entrepreneurial profiles.

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This is the EB-2 visa, also known as "Permanent Residence with National Interest Waiver"; it is an option for many foreign citizens.

In the last 3 years, the percentage of visas granted increased by 40%. Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru are the Latin American countries with the largest number of applications.

Normally, a visa or employment residency in the United States requires a job offer from an employer in that country, and a labor certificate issued by the Labor Department. However, permanent residence (Green Card) through the EB-2 National Interest Exemption visa is presented as the ideal alternative for scientific and technical professionals or specialists since it does not require having received a job offer or complying with the labor certification process.

According to a latest analysis carried out by Law Offices of Carla Anzaldi, a law firm specialized in immigration regarding families, businesses and work in the United States, the three types of professions or areas of research with the highest volume of application Law Offices of Carla Anzaldions for this type of visa are Health/Medical, Data Scientists and IT professionals, and Finance and Business.

"Since COVID, there is more emphasis on granting this type of residency to health, business, and IT or Security sectors due to national priorities, and the changes that have occurred within these work areas due to the pandemic," says Carla Anzaldi, lawyer specialized in Immigration to the United States and founder of the Law Offices of Carla Anzaldi.

On the other hand, the average age of those interested in the EB-2 are professionals between 30 and 60 years old. From Latin America, the podium of applications is headed by Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Also, between 2019 and 2021, the percentage of EB-2 granted visas increased 40%.

In fact, the US government encourages eligible applicants to consider applying for this type of visa because there is an exceptionally high number of EB2 visas available during this financial year.

Research reveals that if the Latin community were an independent country, its economic contribution would be the fifth largest.

The economic contribution of the Latin community in the United States represents the fifth gross domestic product (GDP) in the world, and the third fastest growing among the largest economies, according to a study released last Thursday by Californian universities.

According to the researchers, the GDP of this community in the country in 2020 was 2.8 billion dollars and if this were the population of an independent country, its economic contribution would be the fifth largest after the United States, China, Japan and Germany.

This means that the economic activity of Latinos, who make up almost 19% of the US population, has been greater than that of the United Kingdom, India or France, according to the report. 

What are the requirements to get the United States EB-2 visa? 

“One of the great benefits of this visa is that an offer of employment or sponsorship from a company in the United States is not required, as it is usually the case. That is, an applicant can make an application for himself. “Besides, it also has a faster processing time”, adds Anzaldi.

However, the EB-2 visa is a highly requested visa and it needs extensive documentation and a well-organized application to be approved. To have at least a Master's degree or a 4-year university diploma and 5 years of professional experience are also required.

From Law Offices of Carla Anzaldi they explain that you must also demonstrate exceptional skills through some evidence such as letters of recommendation from employers, possess a license or certification to practice the profession, have a membership in a professional association or show some recognition, achievement or contribution in the field of expertise.

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