What problem is there today in teams with face-to-face work? How to fix them? (part I)

(By Juan Maqueda / from Miami) Face-to-face, virtual work or a new blend? How to optimize teamwork? The problem that exists in every organization, and that technology cannot solve.

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Miami grows and grows, among many other factors, as a result of post-pandemic internal migration from the United States, virtual work is becoming more common, however, giants such as Meta and Google, today demand the return to branches in new hybrid modalities.

But the observation is larger and broader. Millions of people in the world have left their jobs to seek better conditions, and salary is not the protagonist of that search.

The youngest human resources have a high resistance to face-to-face work and the implications in coordination of extra work, specific projects, it is being very difficult.

Today the distance relationship with suppliers from different origins, with human resources from different countries, customs, languages ​​is a reality.

At the highest levels of the professional pyramid, quality of life and a job that makes sense, with ecological responsibility, family contact, and above all well-being are now sought above all.

The figure of the corporate warrior, with unfailing loyalty to the company, is breaking down.

More interesting still, there is today a huge group of people who “choose” not to be employed and to stay in a less formal strip of work.

University graduates who choose not to join the business world to preserve a way of life, a certain freedom, even if it implies greater precariousness.

Being able to organize the system of an employment relationship today implies a new great challenge. 

What rupture, what "pain", literally speaking, must be healed in the new way of establishing the labor relationship in every company, regardless of its size?

Clearly, an app to coordinate task information, by itself, cannot solve this new great problem in every organization today.

In listening, it emerges that technology companies that have the most advanced productivity processes fail to retain their teams, and often suffer from a huge organizational headache to be able to fulfill contracts and developments.

In order to solve this new dimension of relationships at work, Ontological Business Coaching provides us with key, deep, solid tools to be able to listen and recreate new narratives of meaning.


Alicia Pizarro Domínguez, ontological coach and CEO of the Newfield Consulting Global Network, explains how ontological consulting intervenes in companies: "We work on three levels, the first: personal, where we accompany people to generate profound changes, sustained over time, that allow them to take charge of this complexity. The second level is with the teams in order to generate a dynamic that is much more productive and appropriate to these challenges. And the third is in the culture of the organization where we intervene to generate a different network of conversations, which allows the culture to evolve. This level is slower and the one that can bring about deeper and more sustainable transformations in the organization".

Tomorrow the second part of this very interesting note.

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